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Kodiak™ PCIe 6.0 _ CXL 3.0 Protocol Test System

Kodiak™ PCIe 6.0 / CXL 3.x

Protocol Test System

Kodiak™ PCIe Gen5

Analysis System

SI-Fi™ PCIe Gen5


Innovative Data Storage Test Tools and Solutions Since 2007

SerialTek was founded with the goal of making test and measurement solutions more powerful and fast yet easier to use. Our solutions support the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), SATA (Serial ATA), PCI Express® (PCIe®), Compute Express Link (CXL) and Non-Volatile Memory Express® (NVMe™/NVMe-oF™) protocols.

Be More Productive

View trace data upon capture; spend less time waiting.

Easy to Learn

Low learning curve allows you to be proficient in less time.

Unlimited Free Support

Lifetime software upgrades and support.

Lower TCO

Modular Interposer, cabling, adapters, and cost-effective upgrades.


Carrying case for portability and compactness.


Share and distribute trace files with colleagues and partners.


“This testing platform has transformed how we test our software. We can easily access the details of each test run and pinpoint the exact cause of any failure. We don’t have to waste time learning a complex scripting language, as the interface is intuitive and simple to use. We can create tests with just a few clicks, making the whole process faster and smoother. This platform has everything we need for effective testing: clarity, precision, ease of use, and speed. It has boosted our testing performance and helped us deliver successful projects.”

– SerialTek Customer

“The analyzer has been a great tool for real in-system debugging. Our new engineers learned how to use it quickly, thanks to the clear documentation and videos. We had some initial challenges, but they were resolved once we understood the filtering and triggering functions. The only thing I would change is to make the trigger type more visible, but I think that will improve with more practice. The analyzer was easy to set up and use, and its small size made it convenient to move around. It has surpassed our expectations and helped us debug our systems more effectively.”

– SerialTek Customer

“I’ve been using protocol analyzers for 31 years and PCIe analyzers and interposers extensively for the past 5 years. We use them for important assignments that affect revenue and customer satisfaction.”

– Principal Applications Engineer at Phison Technology

“With other analyzers I have had to abandon my testing many times, because I could not find a good quality signal lock. SerialTek’s Kodiak analyzer and SI-Fi interposers have changed all that. I have 100% confidence in Kodiak’s ability to achieve lock and give me the trace I need to do my job. Kudos to Ellisys and SerialTek for creating not only an electrically reliable platform, but the actual mechanical hardware itself is beautiful.”

– SerialTek Customer

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